Voucher Store

Run your own store

A complete shopping system is ready to go with basket, reservation and payment management.

It's easy for listeners to buy, download and redeem their vouchers. It's integrated with PayPal for safe and convenient transactions.

Customise each voucher with the client's logo, gallery and a full page of content - along with any specific terms and conditions.

You can create free and paid vouchers, set the level of discount and a per-person sales limit.

Purchased vouchers can be downloaded as a PDF. Each voucher has a unique code.

Management tools

  • Generate reports to see how your vouchers are performing
  • Automatically notify the sales team when there’s a purchase
  • Allow clients to log in and see purchase information and tick off redeemed vouchers
  • Connects to your website’s Listener Club so logged in members can see their previous purchases

Pricing & Sign Up

The voucher store starts at $800 / £600 per year. It's available standalone, or as an additional feature of our Website CMS.

  • Build a new revenue stream by selling discount vouchers and offers.
  • Full PayPal integration for safe and convenient transactions.
  • Integrates with Listener Club to help build your audience database.

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