Studio Inbox

Now with WhatsApp for radio stations

You and your audience.
Together in one place.

Studio Inbox brings together your listener messages and puts you in control.

Build your ideal dashboard from a range of sources. It's all updated in real time.

  • WhatsApp messages
  • Facebook comments
  • Instagram comments
  • Forward emails
  • Form submissions from your Aiir website
  • Latest updates from RSS Feeds

An inbox that works for you.

Create workspaces with your choice of sources and layout to best suit your needs.

Each workspace can be kept private to an individual, or shared with the whole team.

Create curated lists to help organise those must-see messages.

Pull posts into a specific column and order them however you like. They're ready to be read out on air or saved for reference later.

Everything is kept in sync between your team and across different screens. It's great for collaborating with co-hosts and colleagues.

Run real-time polls. Pick the keywords and track the results across multiple sources.

Run contests over SMS, with options to schedule, match keywords and pick winners.

Make it feel comfortable with text size options, and flip between light and dark modes.

Export and print messages, and generate reports of activity by day, week and month.

Be part of the conversation.

Like and reply to messages on supported social networks and SMS regions.

Use the included Social Publisher tool to post to Facebook, Instagram, Threads and X (Twitter) directly, with attached images and links. Publish posts instantly or schedule them for later.

Pricing & Sign Up

In the US...

Studio Inbox is available on barter via Premiere Networks* or cash.

In the rest of the world...

Studio Inbox is available through annual billing.

Available to add on:

  • SMS: Enable text messaging on your existing studio number or shared SMS shortcodes.**
  • Mobile app messages: Included when you purchase both Studio Inbox and Mobile Apps.

Fill in the form and we'll be in touch to discuss your needs.


How much does WhatsApp messaging cost?

We don't charge for sending and receiving WhatsApp messages, however Meta may charge you depending on your use.

They currently do not charge for receiving messages, but if you reply this starts a conversation you may be billed for. You can find out more on Meta's pricing page.

What number can I use for SMS messaging?

In the US, we can usually enable texting on your existing studio phone number if you can provide the appropriate paperwork.

In the UK, we offer a specific keyword on a shared shortcode number. Texts will be charged at the user's standard network rate. This rate will depend on which mobile operator they are with.

Can I send out mass-marketing messages?

No. You can reply to individual SMS messages in supported regions, but you can't send unsolicited messages.

How long are SMS messages stored for?

You can choose how long data for SMS logs and contest logs is retained.

What if I have more questions?

Get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

* Subject to AQH qualification.

** SMS features vary between markets.