Working at Aiir

Sorry, we don't have any vacancies right now.

Who we are

We're a fully remote company that embraces freedom and flexibility.

We advocate time away from the keyboard; in the evenings, weekends, and with a generous annual leave policy.
No to overtime, overworked and worn out.
Yes to feeling rested, refreshed and ready for the day.

We listen and learn from each other. We encourage and collaborate. We trust and strive for transparency and honesty. We do the right thing.

We're a creative bunch of individuals that love making great products we can be proud of. That's what gets us out of bed, and makes us want to do a day of great work.

For 21 years we've focussed on sustainable growth, looking after our people, delivering for our customers, and believing in the power of radio.

Who you are

Creative, curious and naturally autonomous? There could be a place for you here.

We have as much passion for great work as we do our favourite broadcast medium. But not everyone's a lifelong audio geek and we get that. We care more that you're respectful, friendly and supportive, than whether you know what "FM" stands for.

You have a voice and you're not afraid to use it. How you sound isn't important. How you write is fundamental. No nonsense, just clear, concise and considered.

If you don't see yourself in our team right now, it doesn't mean we're not looking for you. Join us, and we hope to learn from you as much as you'll learn from us.

What it's like to work here

We believe in a different approach.

A calmer company that protects everyone's time and attention.
Fewer meetings, fewer notifications, fewer distractions.
No daily stand-ups, or keeping track of real-time chats.

Everyone has more time to think, focus and do their best work.
We manage our own schedules, and discuss when it suits us.
There's no FOMO or expectations of now.
It's a better way to work.

Every day is different. Our work is challenging, rewarding and full of opportunities.
We're independent but surrounded by smart and supportive people.
We don't have a roadmap. Every 6 to 8 weeks we decide what's next.
Projects have a fixed time and variable scope, so the horizon is always in view.

We trust each other to get the job done.
We love small teams and giving everyone the chance to make an impact.
We care about creating a friendly, welcoming, inclusive and fun environment.