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Templates for radio station websites

Get a great looking site in minutes with our range of ready-to-use designs.

Easily customise them with your own colours, fonts, images and choice of content.

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These themes are available on Starter, Plus and Pro website packages.

Ripple screenshot 1
Ripple screenshot 2
Ripple screenshot 3
Visually striking design with gorgeous preset gradients and patterns
  • Prominent Listen Live button
  • Scrolling featured content area on mobile devices
  • Choose between light and dark site background
Spotlight screenshot 1
Spotlight screenshot 2
Spotlight screenshot 3
Showcase your music and on air talent
  • Lots of header combination choices and cut-off shapes for visual flair
  • Secondary Listen Live button
  • Highlight how to listen, social accounts or contact info
Out There screenshot 1
Out There screenshot 2
Out There screenshot 3
  • Modern, full width style
  • Different header and body fonts
Right Now screenshot 1
Right Now screenshot 2
Right Now screenshot 3
  • Puts your played tracks front and centre
  • Choose between light and dark backgrounds
  • Decide on the width of your website
Ready screenshot 1
Ready screenshot 2
Ready screenshot 3
  • Choose a background image for your entire site, go light or dark
  • Decide on the width of your website
Midnight screenshot 1
Midnight screenshot 2
Midnight screenshot 3
  • Designed for dark backgrounds
  • Change header size and background image

These themes are available on Plus and Pro website packages.

Vivid screenshot 1
Vivid screenshot 2
Vivid screenshot 3
Make an impact with our most colourful theme
  • Show a second button next to Listen Live
  • Choose a ready-to-use texture in your header
  • Range of layouts for highlighted content
Extra screenshot 1
Extra screenshot 2
Extra screenshot 3
Ideal for multiple stations on one site
  • Multiple stations highlighted in header
  • Customisable gradients or background image
  • Choose how to showcase your music
Beam screenshot 1
Beam screenshot 2
Beam screenshot 3
  • Prominent static or animated featured content area
  • Custom social accounts area in the sidebar
Cards screenshot 1
Cards screenshot 2
Cards screenshot 3
  • Change background colour of the entire site
  • Secondary Listen Live button
Seaview screenshot 1
Seaview screenshot 2
Seaview screenshot 3
  • Make it your own with your choice of header background image
  • Secondary Listen Live button
  • Layout options for showing featured content
Sleek screenshot 1
Sleek screenshot 2
Sleek screenshot 3
  • Custom gradients for navigation
  • Navigation sticks to the screen as you scroll
Strips screenshot 1
Strips screenshot 2
Strips screenshot 3
  • Different header and body fonts
  • Light and dark header themes
  • Highlighted specific content with a bold colour strip
Torn screenshot 1
Torn screenshot 2
Torn screenshot 3
  • Our most alternate theme
  • Different header and body fonts
  • Add a background texture across the site

These themes are available on Pro website packages.

Believe screenshot 1
Believe screenshot 2
Believe screenshot 3
Ideal for religious stations
  • Navigate seamlessly between station locations
  • Prominent Donate button
  • Custom recently played and events calendar areas
Here and Now screenshot 1
Here and Now screenshot 2
Here and Now screenshot 3
Supports location-specific content
  • Choose between On Air and Now Playing showcased in the header
  • Navigate seamlessly between station locations
  • Ready-to-use textures or custom background image
Disco screenshot 1
Disco screenshot 2
Disco screenshot 3
  • Highlights recently played songs
  • Huge, bold header and area for your logo
  • Sticky nav as you scroll down the site
Explore screenshot 1
Explore screenshot 2
Explore screenshot 3
  • Choose background image across entire site
  • Range of layouts to highlight content from across your site
Landmarks screenshot 1
Landmarks screenshot 2
Landmarks screenshot 3
  • Exclusively for sites with location-specific content
  • Each location can have its own header image
Magnetic screenshot 1
Magnetic screenshot 2
Magnetic screenshot 3
  • Customise header with patterns and colours
  • Add in your own tagline
  • Different header and body fonts

These themes are specially designed for corporate sites for radio station groups. Contact us if you're interested in this.

Venture screenshot 1
Venture screenshot 2
Venture screenshot 3
Perfect for showcasing your brand
  • Link directly to each of your station's players
  • Flexible content areas - alignment and backgrounds
  • Specific 'Meet the Team' area to show off your team