About us

Aiir - Innovative, easy to use products for broadcasters.

We're a tech company with one main focus. We're here to build the best platform for broadcasters.

We want to make it easy for broadcasters to manage everything in one place. We're enthusiastic about making audio multi-platform, and want to be creative, innovate and think big.

For over ten years we've been building great websites, apps and more for radio stations in the UK and across the world. From small stations to large groups, everyone shares the same technology.

We allow all of those teams to communicate together to provide us with feedback and new ideas to constantly improve our services.

Our entire team works remotely from various locations around the world.

Part of the radio industry

We're proud of our partnerships, collaborations and custom projects across the industry.

News providers

We are the preferred partner for IRN’s online news content, the leading provider of news to commercial radio in the UK.

The latest stories from Sky News and forecasts from the Met Office are piped through to us, and constantly updated in all of our products.

Music Metadata

We work closely with some of the biggest studio software companies, to integrate now playing data directly in to our products.

Our friends include RCS, P Squared and Broadcast Bionics.


We are a supporter of the RadioDNS project, a collection of applications which provide the glue between broadcast platforms and the internet.

We provide tools to help stations manage their RadioEPG and RadioVIS data with ease.


Our relationship with Radioplayer goes from strength to strength, helping stations join the platform and manage their presence.

We've coded versions of the web player that's become the standard in the UK industry, and our work is being used in versions of Radioplayer across the world.


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