Hello, we're Aiir

We began in the early noughties with an idea to improve how radio stations manage their website with a focus on simplicity.

Today we build innovative, easy to use products for broadcasters - delivering great tools for managing mobile apps, metadata, listener interaction, podcasts and more. We're enthusiastic about creative ways of making the world of audio thrive.

We're trusted by stations of all sizes. From small charities, commercial broadcasters to some of the world's largest radio groups, our clients are based across the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, the UAE and beyond.

As both a tech company and a radio company, we’re in a unique position to work with colleagues across those industries. We’re represented in the US by the number one syndication company, Premiere Networks. In the UK, we're a preferred partner of IRN and their news provider Sky. We have the world's leading broadcast software company RCS on speed dial. It's easy to record and serve 'on demand' programmes through our partnership with Sharp Stream. And as supporters of open standards and co-operation on technology, we’re proud of our close work with RadioDNS and Radioplayer.

The team

Aiir was first started in a radio studio in Sheffield by a producer and a presenter who wanted to improve how stations work online. Our team has years of experience in the industry - we understand the realities of working in radio, and know how to make your daily lives a bit easier.

But we’re interested in more than just broadcasting - we’re a team of developers and designers, coffee aficionados and escape room obsessives, improvisers and comedy writers, competitive paintballers and cat lovers.

Ricki Lee

Chief Executive Officer / Co-founder

Gav Richards

Chief Technology Officer / Co-founder

Jonathan Cresswell

Chief Creative Officer

Mike Barlow

Senior Developer

We’re a fully remote working company. Our team is based across the US and UK, in London, California, Manchester and Sheffield.

We design, develop and maintain our products - so if you need help, we’ll be the ones answering your email.

Working at Aiir

We have as much passion for great work as we do the medium on which our business is based. But not everyone's a lifelong audio nerd and we get that. We value thoughtful and friendly people over knowing what FM stands for, every time.

Don't worry if you don't see yourself in our line-up, it doesn't mean we're not looking for you. Join us and we hope to learn from you as much as you'll learn from us.

We've always been focussed on steady manageable growth, looking after what matters and knowing when to stop doing things that don't. There are a range of rewarding projects to work on, delivering both for our clients and millions of their users worldwide. We’re excited by new tech and trying something new, but not chasing the hot trends just for the sake of it.

As a remote working company, we try to take full advantage of the freedom that allows. We’re not in constant meetings and no-one’s looking over your shoulder - everyone is trusted to get on with their work. We prefer taking the time to think things over and write them up so everyone can consider and discuss things in their own time.

Everyone at Aiir takes responsibility. Responsibility for the company's direction, for what projects we're working on next, for setting a schedule, sharing progress and delegating to others. We're a small team and it works for us, ensuring everyone's voice is heard and valued.

We're not into over promising, overtime, office gimmicks or outside hours expectations. Instead, we want to make sure everyone is properly supported through our benefits:

  • Work from anywhere
    You can live and work wherever you like. Pick your workspace, we’ll help set it up and contribute to the cost.

  • Generous vacation days
    20 vacation days per year, plus bank holidays, your birthday off, and an extra day for every year you're with us, up to a total of 10.

  • Investing in education
    Everyone gets an annual budget for training courses, or trips to relevant conferences and events.

  • Entertainment and leisure
    A healthy work/life balance matters. So we’ll cover the cost of some subscriptions for you, like Netflix, Spotify or a gym membership.

Current vacanices

There are no vacancies at this time.