LiveStream Encoder

Stream anywhere.

Screenshot of the LiveStream app on a multi-coloured pattern, showing one wave going in and four streams coming out

LiveStream is the one-stop app that gets your station's output where it needs to be.

Encode audio for streaming, process it with your favourite VSTs and DSPs, stay protected against dead-air with silence detection and record a copy using the built-in audio logging.

  • Recieve audio from DirectSound, WASAPI and AISO, with Input and Output capture
  • Encode as MP3, AAC, AAC+, OPUS and OGG
  • Send to Shoutcast and Icecast endpoints
  • Create multiple encoders in one app, streaming to different servers

Make your station sound great

Process your stream with any DSP or VST plugin of your choice, such as Stereo Tool or Sound Solution.

Stack multiple plugins so you can get the sound that you're after.

Each encoder can have the processing turned on or off individually - so you can get a clean feed to your transmitter for hardware processing, while a compressed feed goes to your online stream.

Screenshot of LiveStream showing setting up DSP and VSTs

Audio logging

Artwork showing ticks for hours of the day, representing setting up the logs

LiveStream includes a logger to save a copy of your broadcast audio.

Choose which hours you need recorded, and in what audio format.

Set files to automatically delete after a set amount of days to keep your system nice and clean.

Silence Detection

Set a threshold for audio level - and when it drops below that, LiveStream can kick in to action and will:

Connected to your systems

Embed billboard metadata with your stream, from a local file or recieved over your local network via TCP/IP.

Icons showing a network of servers into a computer

You can also control LiveStream with commands over TCP/IP - so you can turn silence detection on or off for special events.

This can also manage the encoders themselves. It's great for turning off specific outputs during sports or other coverage that can't be streamed online.


LiveStream is available for free, with a single encoder and no additional features.

To unlock more encoders and use the full range of features, LiveStream can be purchased for £74.99 (excludes VAT).

LiveStream is included as part of PlayoutONE Pro subscriptions.


What operating system does LiveStream support?

LiveStream works on Windows 10 and above.

What limits are there on the free version?

You can run one encoder, with no additional features. Enabling features or having more than one encoder will put out a tone every 30 seconds on the audio, but it gives you a chance to trial LiveStream and really see the power it gives you.

Is pricing available in any other currencies?

Not at this time. Our web store currently only supports GBP.