Alexa Skills

Alexa, play my radio station

Get your station on the smartest speaker in the house with our radio skills for Amazon Alexa.

Alexa speaker on a light-flare background

Your station, your skill

With more and more people using smart speakers to listen to radio, we can help your station sound the best that it can.

Alexa Skills by Aiir mean that you can get your own invocation for your radio station rather than relying on a third-party aggregator.

Include visual branding so your station looks great on devices such as Echo Show and Echo Display.

Radio Newark on an Amazon Echo Show 5

Listeners can ask Alexa who's on air and what song is playing now.

Include multiple stations in one skill so listeners can save their favourite.

Create custom intents to play on-demand content, such as news. Automatically upload the latest audio with a dedicated desktop app.

You're in control

Manage your Alexa Skill through our online dashboard, so you can update it any time.

  • See stats on listener behaviour.
  • Update your stream address.
  • Schedule audio and text-to-speech pre-roll ads to play before your stream.
Graph showing Play Requests, Stop Requests, Now Playing Requests

Pricing & Sign Up

Alexa Skills start at $250 / £200 (plus VAT) per year.

Fill in the form and we'll be in touch to discuss your needs.

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Do I need my own Amazon Developer account?

Yes. This means you retain ownership of the skill should you ever want to change providers in future, rather than it being tied to Aiir’s account.

My station already has a skill. Can I replace it with one from Aiir?

If your current skill is published under your own Amazon Developer account, we will simply update your existing skill.

If your existing one was published via a third-party account, you will need to ask your previous provider to remove the old skill to allow you to create a new one through Aiir using the same prompt.

My station is available on TuneIn, why do I need a skill?

A dedicated skill for your station means you have full control over how your audience listen to you. There won’t be any third-party branding or mid-roll ads to contend with.

Does each station need its own skill?

That's up to you. You can have one skill per station, or multiple stations on a single skill.

If you have a group of stations, or a main station with some brand extensions, you can set it up so listeners can say “Alexa, ask [skill name] to play [station name].”

Can I purchase a skill for a one-off fee?

No, our skills communicate with Aiir’s platform where you can update them and make changes - they don’t work without it.

Does it work with Google Home or Apple HomePod speakers?

Our skills are made exclusively for Alexa. We do not support Google Home or Apple HomePod at this time.