Aiir is hiring a Customer Support Specialist

We're no longer accepting applications for this position.

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About the Job

You will be responsible for providing outstanding support to our customers around the world, for all our apps and services.

When a customer's email lands in our shared inbox Help Scout, you'll ensure they receive a prompt, friendly, useful reply.

You'll help us by updating our documentation, figuring out bugs, and providing feedback to colleagues, to make our products and services the best they can be.

When you're fully up to speed, you will carry out maintenance upgrades for our automation product, and work with our sales team to onboard new customers, manage installation projects and provide training. You will also join a rota of colleagues who are on call to handle emergencies.

About You

This is a reactive, fast-paced environment. You could be responding to a high volume of emails each day, so being able to prioritize your workload is fundamental.

You'll be motivated by finding solutions, and enjoy explaining something complicated in the simplest possible way. You won't always have the best news to share, but you'll know how to deliver it with compassion.

This is a remote position based either in the United Kingdom, or in the United States Eastern time zone. It's important to us that our team work sociable hours in their local time, not the graveyard shift.

We're looking for someone who excels at working autonomously. As we work remotely, we're unable to watch over your shoulder, but frankly we'd never want to anyway. You love using your initiative and judgment to see something through, from start to finish. You're fiercely organized, reliable and have a keen eye for detail.

Direct experience in everything we do is not required. What's important is that you're creative and curious. Show up willing to learn and you'll go far.

You're great at expressing yourself in writing, clearly and concisely. It's how we primarily communicate, so we'll expect you to take the time to write up your thoughts and give your attention to digesting those of others.

Above all, you're a kind and thoughtful person. You'll support your colleagues and show empathy to our customers. You'll bring a positive spirit and enthusiastic attitude. You're not afraid to speak up when something's not right. You can expect to be heard and valued by a team that appreciates your feedback.

If you don't see yourself in our team right now, it doesn't mean we're not looking for you. If you join us, we hope to learn from you as much as you'll learn from us.

Pay and Benefits

The salary and benefits for this role vary depending on if you live in the UK or USA.

In the UK, the salary for this role is £30,000. You'll get 25 days annual leave, plus bank holidays and your birthday.

In the USA, the salary for this role is $50,000. You'll get 25 days vacation, plus 8 federal holidays and your birthday.

In both cases, you will gain one extra day at the end of each year you're with us, up to 30.

In the USA, our benefits include medical and dental coverage.

How to apply

We're no longer accepting applications for this position.

Introduce yourself to us - we want to see the real you. Take your time with your application, there's no prize here for being first. Tell us why you want this job, not just any job.

Pick two of the questions below and answer them as though you worked here. We're mostly interested in how you answer, over being correct.

  • I deleted a file for the website in Media Manager by accident, can I get it back?
  • I can't login to WebVT and I need to record my show that goes out later today. Can you help me get logged in?
  • I need to set up FileCopy and Auto-Importer to download and import a syndicated show, can you help me?

We're accepting applications until March 31st 2024. Don't necessarily expect to hear from us until that date, to give everyone a chance. Make sure you tell us where you're located.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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