PlayoutONE Standard

Radio automation for everyone

PlayoutONE Standard is designed for individuals and gives you the power to start your very own radio station.

It's easy-to-use and great value. Download it today for only $150, or try it for free for 20 days.

PlayoutONE main screen showing on a monitor

Put together the perfect playlist

Add your music, production and more to craft your station’s playlist.

Build them in advance, or generate them on the fly with the Auto DJ system. There’s no complicated scripting, set up your categories and choose what you want in this simple rule-based clock system.

Screenshot of setting up categories for songs and jingles in Auto DJ playlists

You can have multiple Auto DJ profiles, assign them to different hours of the day and let it run non-stop so you can set and forget.

Want a bit more control? Connect your system to Music1 or another scheduling package to import a running order.

Your studio on one simple screen

PlayoutONE's easy-to-use interface puts everything you need at your fingertips.

Quickly edit audio and manage metadata with the built-in Media Editor.

Make cuts, add fades, set cues and manage metadata in one place.

Voice tracking is effortless in the Segue Editor. Just three taps to preview, record, and confirm.

Get each transition sounding perfect with segue editing, tempo and volume envelope control.

A screenshot of Quick Keys, showing a grid of pre-set audio clips

Your beds, SFX and commands are available at the touch of a button with Quick Keys.

Set up unlimited pages, with up to 100 items per page, to get it arranged exactly as you like.

Screenshot of filter options on Media Finder

Need to find the perfect piece of audio?

Search your database in the Media Finder, then just drag-and-drop it into the log. It's ready instantly.

It’s filled with features to make your station sound great.

Mixdown your playlist into a file, or add markers to break it into multiple files.

Built-in ducking for audio to keep your station sounding slick.

Keep everything to time with Run To Time commands.

Back-up your audio locally or to the cloud, to Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive.

Take your station further

Extend PlayoutONE Standard with our suite of add-on apps.


Download files from the web, Dropbox or local folders ready for import.

Auto Importer

Monitor folders to bring your latest files straight into your PlayoutONE library.


Stream encoder, silence detector and logger in one application.

They’re available to purchase at any time via our online store.


PlayoutONE Standard is available for a one-off cost of $150.

One month of support is included, and you can extend this for $50 per month.

You can try it for free, with all the features, for 20 days as part of our trial.

PlayoutONE is a Windows-only application and will not install on MacOS or Linux. You can find our recommended hardware requirements here.


What are the recommended computer specifications?

PlayoutONE runs on Windows 10 and 11. You can find our full hardware guide here.

What’s included with my license?

When you purchase a PlayoutONE Standard license you’ll receive 1 license code to run PlayoutONE Standard on 1 PC. Should you wish to run PlayoutONE Standard on two PCs then you’ll need to purchase 2 licenses.

To use FileCopy, LiveStream, and Auto Importer you’ll need to purchase specific licenses for those products. Without a license these products run with limitations.

PlayoutONE Standard Licenses come with 30 days support. After that you’ll need to purchase a support subscription for each of your PlayoutONE licenses.

Can I import from other systems?

Yes. If you’ve exported the data from another system then you will be able to import using our universal importer. You can analyze the file and map PlayoutONE fields to those of the data file.

Can I take live audio feeds or live streams?

Yes. You can set a live device to feed through your system for local devices, or set up commands in PlayoutONE to load and play Internet streams.

Does the playlist support commands?

Yes. To enable complete automation, playlists can be switched, loaded and generated from commands inserted into the playlist.

Does audio output to multiple devices?

Yes. You can set each audio player to output to any device on your machine. This means they can all go through one device, or different ones, and set it up however works best for you.

What file types are supported?

You can find our guide here.

What if I have more questions?

Get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.