PlayoutONE Automation

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Standard Pro
Ideal for... Individuals Broadcast use
Build simple templates and have AutoDJ pick the songs based on your template each hour to create basic automation.
External Music Scheduler
Accepts playlists/logs from all major external music schedulers. E.g. Aiir Scheduler, Music1, PowerGold, Station Playlist, Music Master, Selector.
Music Master Nexus
Interfaces with Music Master Nexus API
Remote Voice Track form anywhere in the world with just a microphone and web browser.
Isolation Mode
Avoid downtime when conducting maintenance by transitioning to a local database. Stay on the air whilst rebooting your server.
Audio Engine
Run multiple stations, splits and networks on the same hardware.
Hook Auto Mix
Create dynamic on the fly music montages from the songs coming up next in the Playlist.
Missing Copy Report
Get notified of any missing copy or audio items as soon as your traffic log imports for the next day.
Traffic Merge
Merge your traffic log with your music log daily without losing any change to the music log.
Weather & Time Announcements
Display the weather and schedule automated time and weather announcements.
Cart Rotates
Schedule child carts within parent carts to create your own mini rotations.
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Additional subscription Included
Available as... Buyout Low monthly lease